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Our engaging, fact-filled webinars provide a convenient, cost-effective way to boost performance and sharpen skills. Here's the lineup for the winter and spring of 2022:

Webinar: May 5 & 6
Sourcing Without LinkedIn
12:00 noon ET

Sourcing Image.JPG

Want to free yourself from LinkedIn's search limitations, high costs, restrictions and reinventions? Let us show you how to thrive in a vast alternate universe.

Info & Registration

Sales Training Graphic.jpg

If you'd like to attract more candidates, work more effectively with hiring managers and make more placements, your ability to SELL might determine your success!

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June 16 & 17
Sales Training for Recruiters

12:00 noon ET

Webinar: July 21 & 22
Counteroffer Prevention

12:00 noon ET

Counteroffer Webinar Graphic.jpg

Losing placements due to counteroffers, turndowns and bailouts? If so, we can show you how to stop the drama and prevent them from happening.

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