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Full-Length Audio Programs for Recruiters


Quick-Start Recruiter Training

BOOT CAMP for Rookies

3-hour audio program with 

12-page study guide $149.00

Indispensable! A Powerful, hands-on method that teaches new recruiters their first and most important skills. If you're looking for FAST results, this program is a must! You'll get:


 Disk 1   A World-Class Profession • How to Earn the Most Money in the Least Amount of Time • A Recruiter’s View of the Job Market • Selling the Value of Your Service • Daily Telephone Time • Industry Terminology • The Life Cycle of a Placement • Quick-Start Business Strategy • Insider Tips for Owners

 Disk 2  Recruiting & Screening Active vs. Passive Candidates • Thriving in the Resume Culture • How to Use Applications and Data Sheets • Qualifying the Candidate • 10 Sources of Candidates • Cold Calling Strategies • How to Handle Common Objections • Getting Past Gatekeepers and Firewalls  

 Disk 3  The Art & Science of Job Orders
• Finding Your Niche in the Employment Pyramid • What Makes a Good-Money Customer? • How to Write Top-Quality Job Orders • Assessing Risk and Reward • Negotiating Tactics • Fee Agreements and Employment Guarantees • How to Work with the HR Staff

 Disk 4  Fast Business Development • The Service Call Presentation • How to Design a Marketing Script • Universal Qualities of an MPA • How to Find and Screen Marketable Candidates • Fast and Effective Reference Checking • How to Navigate Both a "Yes" and a "No" • Your Roadmap for the Future

How to Market & Sell 
Your Recruiting Services

100-min. audio program with 

8-page study guide $79.95

Best-selling program contains the industry’s most powerful methods for marketing and selling your company’s recruiting services to prospective clients.

 Disk 1  The Power of Candidate Marketing
How to gain access to decision makers • Storyboard your marketing script • Discover hidden business opportunities • Handle common objections and concerns • Build name recognition and credibility within your target market • Establish high-quality dialogue with hiring managers • Turn prospects into clients by closing on commitments.

 Disk 2  Sales, Research and Lead Generation
How to improve your selling skills • Set higher standards for your prospects • Qualify early to increase your odds • Follow the paper trail to high-quality leads • Create a market genealogy to guide your research • Utilize the Internet and other sources of unpaid advertising • Maximize your advertising and direct marketing results.


Plus, answers to these common questions: Should I market outside my area of specialty? What if my marketing presentation falls flat? How often do I visit my prospects? How do I market my service to internal recruiters or corporate HR staff?


“Our recruiters learned things from you
in a couple of hours that would have taken them years to learn otherwise.”

—Tom Carter, Manager, Quest Systems, Inc.


Advanced Strategies

for Recruiters

100-min. audio program with 

12-page study guide $79.95

At last! A modern, no-nonsense guide that zooms past the basics. If you want to accelerate production and learn the “finer points” of the business, check this out! Here’s what you’ll learn from this innovative—and insightful—program:

 Disk 1  The Hidden Power of Business Models

• How to build a bullet-proof recruiting system • The secret to selling premium fees and retainers • How to leverage your database (and other recruiters) • Why most recruiting scripts fail • Why too much training can hurt your business • How to exploit economies of scale.

Disk 2  Realities of Voice Mail, Email and Online Recruiting • How to make voice mail and e-mail work for you • How innovations in technology can affect your business • Why your “marketing” program may be advertising in disguise • How to apply different performance ratios to your business • How to profit from your Web site • Seven skills of highly effective recruiters.

Packed with dozens of real-life concepts, Advanced Strategies also includes: Why you can’t teach cold calling • Voice message strategies • Why old habits can’t be broken • The unintended consequences of splits • Why there are only two desk specialties • Why “online recruiting” is an oxymoron • How to work the employment pyramid for higher profits.


“A different approach than I’ve seen before ... made me reassess some long-held opinions.”

Paul Hawkinson, Founder, The Fordyce Letter


Reveals the secrets of retained search and how to make the switch from contingency.

Step up to a higher level of service, bigger fees and stronger client relationships! Bill’s unique approach to retained search is practical, fun—and brutally honest. If you've ever wondered how to make the switch, but lacked the training, the resources or the chutzpah, this audio program is for you. Here's a peek at the topics:

 Disk 1  Mindset, Methods and Opportunities
• The differences between retained and contingency • Learning the business, not the hype • An honest, rational approach to building a practice • Understanding the client’s perspective • Think like a partner, not a competitor • How to break old habits • Understanding retained search methods • A higher level of service • First-class vs. coach • The retained search mindset • Finding your market niche • When retained search is a bad idea • Dealing with executive compensation • Creating a business infrastructure of your own • Building a unique brand identity.


 Disk 2  Marketing, Contracts & Delivery of Service
• The retained search selling cycle • Marketing strategies to grow your business • Web sites, articles and newsletters • Direct mail techniques • Building your referral network • Retained search and rescue • The unequivocal importance of qualifying • Establishing your methods • Why small can actually be big • Setting your terms and conditions • Is there a fall-back position? • Contracts and other documents • Executing the search • Are meetings really necessary? • Making the switch—and never looking back.

Retained Search for

Contingency Recruiters

2-hour audio program with 

12-page study guide $119.00

How to Write
High-Profit Job Orders

100-min. audio program with 

8-page study guide $79.95

The ultimate guide to filling high-quality jobs and building long-term client accounts.

 Disk 1  Assessment, Preparation and Job Order Control
• How to evaluate the employer’s sense of urgency • Maintain control of the question and answer format • Upgrade the client’s perception of your value • Test for employer commitment using trial closes • Stimulate your candidate flow and database • Enhance your reputation from every search • Increase your coverage potential • Set expectations and deliverables to enhance your effectiveness.

 Disk 2  First-Class Fees and Guarantees
• Discover how to trade premium fees for premium service • Sidestep excessive rules, regulations and restrictions • Identify the affluent buyer • Avoid unfair fee and guarantee agreements • Recognize and deal with sleazy negotiating gambits • Find equitable negotiating tradeoffs • Exploit your competitive advantage in the marketplace • Sell more effectively to self-actualized buyers.

Plus, answers to these commonly asked questions: How do I deal with agency agreements? What if a client is using other recruiters? Should I put my fee agreements in writing?

“I found the information extremely relevant and look forward to greater productivity.”

Andrea Hanowitz, Senior Consultant,

Eric Roberts Associates

Time Management Secrets

of Top Recruiters

100-min. audio program with 

8-page study guide $79.95

Time Management Secrets of Top Recruiters

Bill Radin's comprehensive method to maximize your time resources and improve recruiting performance. A perfect tool for rookies to stay on track and for veterans to keep focused.

 Disk 1  Million-Dollar Strategies
• How to channel your energy and efforts • Eliminate self-imposed “rules” and regulations • Invest your time wisely • Align yourself with more productive clients • Sidestep dysfunctional relationships • Identify and deal with time-intensive candidates • Fill the funnel with developmental projects • Leverage your recruiting ratios to increase production


 Disk 2  High-Impact Delegation Tactics
• How to implement a delegation strategy • Fill more positions in far less time • Recognize and cure Internet dependency • Improve your e-mail and voice mail recruiting efforts • Maintain control over candidate submissions • Clear higher quality fees and guarantees Organize your daily activities with greater efficiency • Delegate non-essential tasks

Plus, answers to these questions: Which recruiting software is best for my needs? How do I “motivate” a happily employed candidate? How do I identify and improve a mismatched relationship?

"Time Management Secrets was extremely effective for me in learning to delegate."

Michelle Whittaker, Whittaker Search Consultants

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