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“A great mix of basics and pearls of wisdom from your many years of experience.”


Liz Wallace, President
Productivity Professional, Inc.

Online Workshop

Virtual Training, Coaching and Group Meetings

provide a cost-effective approach to mentoring, training and support for owners, managers and recruiters. By working with your team or on an individual basis, I can draw from a wealth of practical experience, both tactical and strategic. If you're a manager, I can work with you and your recruiters to help them master the mechanics so they can achieve their performance goals. Every recruiter's situation is unique, but I've found that common issues include:


  • Skill Building for New and Experienced Recruiters. Success requires an intricate combination of skills, such as marketing, sales, qualifying, closing and negotiating. My goal is to help recruiters identify deficiencies in order to minimize weakness and maximize strengths.

  • Getting Started: Answers to Rookie Questions. Interested in a recruiting career? I can help clear the fog when it comes to how to get started, whether to go it alone or join an established company, a franchise or a recruiting network. Learn what to expect in terms of time-line, cash flow, overcoming obstacles and avoiding distractions.

  • Business Models and Operational Methods for Owners. How to evaluate and select a market niche, a desk specialty, a software tracking system or a strategic alliance. Also, how to design compensation plans, pricing formulas and marketing materials.

  • Performance Metrics and Evaluation Tools. I'll show you how to set goals, track activity and identify (and correct) weaknesses in performance. I'll also help you make friends with the numbers, and find a workable correlation between activity and billings.

  • Effective Closing, Placement Strategy and Counteroffer Protection. Find win-win solutions to complicated offer negotiations, whether they involve difficult clients, indecisive candidates, conflicting expectations, unusual obstacles, relocation issues or legal matters.

  • Conflict Resolution. Settle fee disputes, messy terminations or “candidate ownership” issues that can flare up as a result of misunderstandings or failure to set ground rules.

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1 HOUR of training, coaching, consulting or virtual meetings with Bill Radin

1-4 attendees - $295

5 or more attendees - $595

4 HOURS of training, coaching, consulting or virtual meetings with Bill Radin

1-4 attendees - $885

5 or more attendees - $1,785

You're in Control

You choose the topic, the format and the meeting schedule! For maximum impact, you may allocate your time with different team or individual combinations to target the most appropriate training for each.

How It's Done
  • Format: Interactive coaching, training, discussion, role-playing or consulting.

  • Format option: Your sessions may include a special PowerPoint presentation (additional fee for custom programs may apply)

  • Platform: Phone or webcam (Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype or webinar provider of your choice)

  • Class time is used as needed; unused minutes are simply rolled over to the next session.


Getting Started

For a free assessment or to design a special program, call (513) 658-7224.

Pricing and Special Discounts

Class size:1 to 4 attendees
  • $295 per hour (or)

  • $885 for 4 hours (1 FREE hour!)

Class size: 5 or more attendees

  • $595 per hour (or)

  • $1,785 for 4 hours (1 FREE hour!)

Bonus Materials

All registrants (attending or not) will receive an mp4 recording of the webinar and a PDF copy of the PowerPoint slide deck, plus any additional materials that are used or referred to during the session. Please allow time for us to format and upload your files.

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