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Recruiter Training by Bill Radin
Winning Strategies for Recruiters
A strategic, engaging, caring,
outside-the-box visionary of recruiting.

Tess Cunningham, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.

Recruiter Training, Recruiting Webinars, Recruitment Seminars, Strategies, Books, MP3s and DVDs by Bill Radin
Webinar: February 22 & 23 Webinar: March 21
Tip of the Month:
“Who's Got Your Back?”
How to avoid the drama caused
by setbacks and surprises.
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Coaching by Phone or Webcam
Need a second opinion, expert advice or a
boost of confidence? Talk to Bill.

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“Sales Training
for Recruiters”

Looking to attract high-quality candidates? Work more effectively with hiring managers -- and make more placements? Your ability to SELL might determine your success!

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“How to Choose
the Best ATS”

Is your applicant tracking system (ATS) holding you back? Are you losing placement opportunities from the lack of an efficient tracking, matching and sourcing solution?

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