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* A recording of the "live" Webinar (in .wmv format)
* A tip sheet of sites and x-ray examples
* A PDF copy of the 50 PowerPoint slides used in the presentation
* 30 days of support to answer your questions

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About the Presenter

David Galley,
Master Sourcer
Brain Gain Recruiting

A self-described sourcing geek with an extensive background in the staffing industry, David has devoted years to the improvement of methods, technology, research, standards development and best practices. As the head of program development and delivery at the People Sourcing Certification Program, David combines his talents with founder Irina Shamaeva to create sourcing instruction and online training for individual and corporate recruiters worldwide.
David holds a BS in Accounting from Colorado Technical University.

2-Part Webinar with David Galley
Sourcing Without LinkedIn


Did you know that recruiters who spend the majority of their time on LinkedIn are missing out on 90 percent of the available online information about professionals?

To find talent from new, overlooked or unconventional sources, please join Master Sourcer David Galley as he shares his expertise on how to source candidates without using LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to exploit:

* Alternate websites, including Indeed, Slideshare and Pipl to find candidates.
* Industry-specific social sites, including Github, OilPro, Doximity and ResearchGate.
* Data-rich resources, such as meetup and event sites, resume sites, association and conference sites, personal branding and online identity sites.

Plus, you’ll learn the most up-to-date x-ray techniques and lookup tools to find candidates and gather contact information. And as an added bonus, you’ll receive free tools, tips and search strings to help you be more productive—and make more placements! Here’s a summary of how the program is structured:


Part 1: Break the LinkedIn wall
New, innovative techniques to find hidden talent.

Provides a new way of thinking about your searches, with practical tips and techniques for breaking the rut of using LinkedIn as your first or only source of professional talent.

Format: Voice over webinar instruction with PowerPoint visuals.
Run time: 1 hour, 8 minutes


Part 2: Apply what you've learned
A guided tour through your most challenging searches.
Content: David provides in-depth, live examples of how to apply this approach to your specific sourcing challenges (jobs youre currently working on and talent pools youre building), which helps lock in the skills and make them stick.
Format: Real-time interactive Q&A, problem-solving, implementation and demonstrations. Watch, listen and learn as David tackles the attendees' toughest sourcing assignments!
Run time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Who should view this webinar?
Every recruiter, sourcer or researcher who’s frustrated by LinkedIn’s limitations.

Free support!
In addition to the webinar recording, tip sheet and PowerPoint slides, you
ll receive 30 days of support to handle any questions regarding the techniques, tools or resources.


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