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Recruiter Training by Bill Radin
Winning Strategies for Recruiters

“A great mix of basics and pearls of wisdom from your years of experience.”


Liz Wallace, President
Productivity Professional, Inc.


Recruiting Tips
Table of Contents






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Strategy & Tactics
• Make Placements—FAST!
• Insurance to Protect your Business
• Voice Mail & E-mail: Simple Rules
• Job Orders—Better, Faster, Smarter
• How to Switch Desk Specialties
• Who Makes the Most Money?
• Retainers: Look Before You Leap
• How to Add Value, Not Redundancy
• Intelligent Online Recruiting

Skill Building
• Counteroffers: Can You Spot them?
• Resume Makeovers: Quick Tips
• Is There a MAGIC to Closing?
• Finding the Right Recruiting Script
• Storyboarding for Maximum Impact
• How to Stimulate Candidate Referrals
• Expand the Supply of Candidates

Candidate Management
• Playing Softball with Candidates?
• The Power of Interview Preparation
• Control: Key to Recruiter Success
• How to Fight the Counteroffer Bug

Employer Relationships
• You’re Worth the Money You Charge!
• Negotiate for Higher Recruiting Fees
• Anti-Discount Tactics for Recruiters

Candidates & Employers
• Graceful Exits for Job-Changers
• Advice for Engineering Candidates
• What’s Your Capture Strategy?

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