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Bill Radin's Recruiter Training
Winning Strategies for Recruiters

“Your materials are by far the best
and most professional.”


Tim Noble, president, Avery Point Group

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Online, offline
and cold-call strategies
Teaches cash-flow generating skills—fast Powerful strategies for
business development
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Recruiter training
for today's market
2-hour audio program 3-hour audio program 2-hour audio program 144-page book or eBook 3-DVD video program
$95.00 • Info $149.00 • Info $79.95 • Info $49.95 • Info $249.00 • Info

Powerful strategies to
keep you focused
Essential guide for
every recruiter
How to use leverage to increase production Take your business to
a higher level
Strategies to improve
recruiter productivity
2-hour audio program 200-page book 220-page book 2-hour audio program 1-hour audio program
$79.95 • Info $49.95 • Info $49.95 • Info $119.00 • Info $79.95 • Info

Systems, business models and desk specialties Guide to new
business development
How to find, train and manage researchers Improve relationships with candidates & clients Survival secrets of top recruiters and owners
2-hour audio program 1-hour audio program 2-hour audio program 5-hour audio program 2-hour audio program
$79.95 • Info $97.00 • Info $79.95 • Info $195.00 • Info $79.95 • Info

Fill more positions by
writing better jobs
Business forms, worksheets and contracts Job-seeker resources for your Web site Learn the secrets of "deep web" sourcing to find
passive candidates, resumes and information

100-minute audio program Set of 9 templates Set of  20  website articles 90-minute online study course with Ami Givertz
$79.95 • Info $49.95 • Info $49.95 • Info $99.00 • Info
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