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Workshops for Conferences & Groups
On-Site Training with Bill Radin

In-Person Training 

is a great way to boost your in-house staff performance—and find an entertaining way to give your meeting a shot of adrenaline. If so, a custom-tailored presentation might just do the trick. Some of my topics include:

  • How to Market your Recruiting Services. Learn how to uncover unadvertised jobs and fill “upgrade” positions, work effectively with decision makers and negotiate higher fees.

  • Design and Deliver Recruiting Scripts that Work. Create a strong first impression that telegraphs the excitement of the job to increase referral activity and distinguish yourself from other recruiters.

  • How to Increase the Flow of High-Quality Candidates. Dozens of techniques to identify candidate names, referral sources and breeding grounds and fill positions using unconventional and creative methods.

  • Break the Voice Mail and Email Habit. Learn to take the fear out of cold-call recruiting, deal with gatekeepers and fire walls and handle common objections and concerns.

  • Closing Strategies for Higher Billings. Focuses on the power of benefit selling, ways to improve ratios, prevent accepted counteroffers, reduce falloffs and increase control.

  • Brilliant on the Basics. Whether you’ve got rookies with great potential or pros wishing to maximize their performance, the building blocks of recruiting never go out of style.

  • Recruiting and the Art of Control. Increases recruiters’ time efficiency, quality of service, client relationships and candidate management.

  • Time Management Strategies for Recruiters. Apply the principles of reverse delegation to improve your odds of success, put your candidates and employers to work and close more deals.


Pricing for on-site workshops for companies, conferences, associations and groups:


$4,900.00 (full-day program); $3,900.00 (half-day program) plus travel expenses

$7,900.00 for international workshops (full-day only) plus travel expenses

Training for Groups of Any Size
For additional topics or to design a custom program for your group, please give me a call.
Materials and Takeaways
All workshop attendees receive a custom workbook with program notes and additional take-home materials, plus generous discounts on all training materials.
What Attendees Say About Bill Radin


“I enjoyed your presentation style and demeanor. I know you have an excellent reputation, but you were very unassuming and got straight down to business.”

— Diana Wilburn, Recruiter
Congruent Software



"You helped my entire staff confirm what we've been doing for the last 18 years. Thanks!"

— Roger Lear, Owner
Lear & Associates

“I can directly attribute at least one contract worth $62,000 to your techniques alone. Keep up the great work!”

—Greg Moran, President
Pinnacle Technology Solutions

"I just wanted to let you know that I am so very happy you exist."

—Amy Fried, Boulder, CO

"Bill made this a very safe and comfortable environment in which we could speak freely and learn." 

 —Judie Block, Manpower, Inc.

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