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Recruiter Training by Bill Radin
Winning Strategies for Recruiters

“A great mix of basics and pearls of wisdom from your years of experience.”


Liz Wallace, President
Productivity Professional, Inc.

Special Package! More Audio Training by Bill Radin (Run time: 3-5 minutes each)

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"Why I Ditched the Job Description"

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"Motivating a Passive Candidate"
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"How to Talk MONEY
with Your Candidates"
Bill's Greatest Hits!
2 hours of great training.
Basing your search on a company's job description is risky and can cause damage. How to generate interest and follow it up with action. It's easier than you think
if you know what to ask.
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"How to Get More Referrals"
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"Takeaway Scripts for Recruiting, Screening & Closing"
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"Quick Tips for Interview Prep"
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"Handling Marketing Call Objections"
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"A Headhunter's Tips for Finding More Candidates"
A headhunter's tip for stimulating referral activity when actively sourcing or recruiting passive candidates. Are you pushing too hard to make your point? You might try backing off to get better results. Five powerful ways to help
your candidates convert their interviews into job offers.
Folding your tent too soon? You may have more options. Practical ideas for offline sourcing and expanding the number of relevant keywords.
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"Retained Search: The First Step"
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a Dynamite Resume"

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"People Skills for Recruiters"
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"Why Recruiting Fees are Non-Refundable"
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"How to Avoid Burnout"
Want to write a contract?
What you don't know may surprise you.
Better resumes translate into more interviews—and more placements. Five quick tips for improving your relationship with
candidates and employers
There's a big difference between consulting services and consumer products. And that affects your guarantee. Learn Bill's secrets to staying sharp and maintaining your interest.
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