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Special Webinar Replay
with Bill Radin
President, Radin Associates

Are counteroffers, turndowns and bailouts undermining your work? Are you losing confidence in your candidates? If so, please join Bill as he shares his strategies for reducing the misery index and gaining control of your placement activity. 
Part 1 - How to Win the Counteroffer Battle (60 min.)
Thursday, Sept. 16 - 12:00 noon EDT


  • Prevent counteroffers, turndowns and bailouts from poisoning your desk

  • Choose from 3 different strategies to reduce your misery index

  • Use air-tight techniques for screening, assessment and pre-closing

  • Understand the motivation behind job-changing and counteroffer acceptance

  • Detect red flags that can undermine your placement

  • Learn to identify and assess counteroffer risk—and react accordingly

Part 2 - Build a Counteroffer-Proof System (60 min.)
Friday, Sept. 17 - 12:00 noon EDT


  • Learn dozens of scripts for screening, assessment and pre-closing

  • Deal with "reluctant candidate" syndrome

  • Implement easy-to-use "takeaway" techniques for qualifying and closing

  • Coach candidates on resignation, onboarding and retention

  • Retool your business model to establish control and maximize placement activity 

  • Replace your current "speculating" business model with an "investing" mentality 

“A great mix of basics and pearls of wisdom from your many years of experience.”

— Liz Wallace, President

Productivity Professional, Inc.

Save $39.00
Both sessionsone low price!

Part 1 - $79.00 per seat

Part 2 - $79.00 per seat

Parts 1 & 2 - $119.00 per seat

Easy Registration

Click the "Add To Cart" button above to make payment. After your order has been processed, you'll receive an email from Bill Radin with your registration instructions. Note: Please check your junk mail folder, as my instructions are sometimes flagged by uncooperative servers!

Bonus Materials

All registrants (attending or not) will receive a webinar recording (mp4) and a copy of the PowerPoint slide deck (PDF), sent immediately following the live presentation.

Who should attend this webinar?

Every recruiter, manager or team leader looking to reduce the emotional and financial cost of placements that fall apart.


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2-Part Webinar with Bill Radin
Scripts, Rebuttals and Closes for Recruiters

Are you looking for greater control, more confidence and improved performance? If so, this program is for you!

Packed with dozens of scripts, rebuttals and closes, I'll show you how to make more effective presentations, handle difficult situations and deal with everyday objections.

If you've ever been at a loss for words or wished you had a snappy comeback, you're in good hands! Here's a snapshot of what you'll learn from this fast-moving, two-part recruiter training webinar:



 Part 1: Scripts for Clients & Hiring Managers

*How to design marketing scripts that get results;

*Eight ways to handle the “We’re not hiring” objection;

*Countering the “Your fee is too high” objection;

*Job order scripts that establish control;

*Eight rebuttals to the “Just send the resume” objection;

*Scripts that get your candidates interviewed; and

*How to push for an offer decision and minimize counteroffer risk.




 Part 2: Scripts for Active & Passive Candidates

*Best scripts to “sell” your job opportunity;

*Responding to the “I need a 25% increase” objection;

*Handling the “I’m happy where I am” objection;

*Easy scripts for screening your candidates;

*Six scripts for pre-closing and testing for commitment;

*Effective scripts that diffuse the counteroffer;

*Micro-scripts for pre-closing and testing for commitment; and


Scripts and templates for closing the candidate.


If you’d like to expand your influence, improve your business relationships, assume more authority, work more efficiently and make more money, you won't want to miss this special Webinar!

Purchase Replay:
Part 1: $69.00 | Part 2: $69.00

Special Discount! Sign up
for both and save $39.00

Parts 1 and 2: $99.00

What will I receive?

*A recording of the "live" Webinar (in .wmv format)

*A PDF copy of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation

How do I get started?
Easy! Click the shopping cart link on this page. After your order has been processed, you’ll receive an email from Bill Radin with your download instructions.

About the Presenter

Bill Radin is one of the most popular and highly regarded trainers in the recruiting industry, and has trained many of the world's largest recruiting organizations. His speaking engagements include the NAPS national conference, the Fordyce Forum, and dozens of state association meetings and network conventions.


Recruiter-tested scripts for marketing, sourcing, qualifying, fee negotiation and closing.

Two 60-minute recordings (parts 1 & 2) of the most recent webinar.

$119.00 - Add to Cart

About the Trainer
Bill Radin, President
Radin Associates

One of the most popular and highly regarded trainers in the recruiting industry, Bill has trained many of the largest independent and franchised recruiting organizations, including Management Recruiters, Dunhill, Sanford Rose, Snelling and Fortune Personnel. His speaking engagements include the NAPS national conference, the American Staffing Association, the Fordyce Forum, and dozens of state association meetings and network conventions, including Top Echelon and

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the deadline for signing up? There's no cut-offyou can even register after the session begins and receive the recordings and other goodies. But to attend "live," it's best to register before 11:30 AM (ET) on the date of the event.  

  • How do I register? Click the "Add To Cart" button above to make payment. After your order has been processed, you'll receive a receipt from our shopping cart and an email from Bill Radin with your easy login instructions.

  • When will I receive my login instructions? As soon as your online payment is made, the instructions are sent via autoresponder.

  • What if I don't receive my login? Before you panic, check your junk mail folder. Webinar reminders are sent the morning of each session. If you still haven't received your instructions, just call (513) 658-7224 or email me at

  • What's a seat? A "seat" refers to the computer or mobile device you'll use to access the class. Any number of attendees may watch a single screen, but if you have multiple attendees in different offices (or on different screens), each must register to attend.

  • What if I miss the session? Not to worry! Each webinar will be recorded in its entirety. Shortly after each session wraps up, you'll receive a downloadable copy of the recording (as an MP4 file), plus a PDF copy of the PowerPoint slides.

  • What if I live in Asia, Australia and New Zealand? Sorry for the time zone differencewe don't expect you to stay up past bedtime! Fortunately, your patience will be rewarded with a replay and a set of PowerPoint slides, sent promptly after each session ends.

  • Is there a cancellation policy? All sales are final. If you miss the session or have a scheduling conflict, that's okay. A recording of the session plus a PDF download of the PowerPoint presentation will be sent later in the day.  

  • What happens if the site crashes? In the unlikely event we encounter a technical or weather-related issue over which we have no control, the affected webinar will be rescheduled as soon as possible, with a recording and a PDF download sent to anyone who is unable to attend. Sorry, no refunds.


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