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Bill Radin's
Winning Strategies for Recruiters
“Your tips helped me close a deal with a client who was dragging his feet. Thanks!   

Jay Veniard, SearchAmerica, Inc.


Testimonials for Bill Radin

"I rarely say 'money well spent' when it comes to training, but I can confidently say you are without a doubt the best."

— Angela Cahill, Managing Director
Blue, London

"Over the years, I have purchased a number of your books, tapes and CDs, and have benefited from your good ideas. You are one of the very few trainers I can relate to easily."

— Anna Coppola, Partner
Flagship Global, Inc.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am so very happy you exist. I'm an executive recruiter that's always hungry for more information and you have provided everything, I mean everything, that I could possibly ask for in your books and website. It's amazing. I read your scripts book over and over because it is so fun to get new ideas."

— Amy Fried, Recruiter
Boulder, CO

"Thank you! As a rookie recruiter, your advice was absolutely informative and useful."

   — Susan Kenner, Recruiter
Thomas Ruff & Associates

“Very professional, well planned and instructive. I found your seminar very helpful and well worth my time and money. Thank you very much!”

— Mike Caul, Recruiter
LoLampCo International

In the Words of Recruiters
and Seminar Attendees

“We have utilized your training for the last two years and have seen positive gains in our production each and every month since following your formula for success. Even in today’s economic upheaval, our offices are increasing our profits, our placement volumes and our candidate pools.”

— Sherry Gonzales, Manager
Morgen Design, Inc.

“I really like the fact that Bill still works a desk and speaks from his own success experiences—as opposed to being a ‘polished entertainer’ looking to sell his training program instead of real-world solutions.”

 — Jim Verlinde, Manager
White Oak Search

"Thank you for your books and audio programs. It helps my staff to improve their skills and make us different from other recruiters."

— Yan Viliukha, Director
United Consultants Ltd., Kiev, Ukraine

"I particularly benefited from your comments about painting pictures, rather than just spouting off a job description to candidates."

— Craig Cooper, Principal
Cooper Staffing & Consulting, Inc.


“You're a truly respected professional in our field; I've enjoyed learning from you   

 — Aimee Waerhouse, Recruiter
DoubleStar, Inc.

"I was amazed at how fast the time went; the seminar was well paced, interesting and useful."

 — Noah Reed, Recruiter
Manpower, Inc.


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