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Available: 24/7
Viewing period: 14 days
Also includes: Set on PPT slides
Length: 90 minutes
Presenter: Irina Shamaeva
Format: Webinar replay
Enrollment: Open
Info: (513) 624-7501
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The expected participant level is beginner through intermediate. It would be helpful for the participants to have had some experience searching on Google or Yahoo, have some familiarity with LinkedIn and Twitter and have used MS Excel. If you're already an advanced user, this class is probably not for you.


Special 90-Minute Webinar with Irina Shamaeva
Winner, 2009 SourceCon Challenge

Online Sourcing Secrets
How to Find People and Companies on the Web

Available for Replay! To purchase, click here.

What if you need information—fast?

A name. A phone number. A source company. A list of candidates with specific skills. Where do you turn?

The answer's right at your fingertips. But only if you know the sourcing tricks of the trade.

Irina's 90-Minute Solution
Meet Irina Shamaeva. For most of this decade, she's been the quiet force behind hundreds of successful online searches, mining the Internet for people and companies, information and referral sources.

And now, Irina will share her sourcing secrets in a special 90-minute Webinar. You'll learn how to:

• Find people with specific titles and functions within target companies;
• Dig for candidate contact information;
• Obtain information not found in LinkedIn profiles;
• Use Boolean strings to pinpoint passive candidates; and
• Get high-quality information in a limited timeframe.

Plus, Irina will share her:

• Hands-on techniques and tricks;
• Examples of solving real-life sourcing tasks; and
• Tools to parse and collect information.

Not only will you be able to start practicing the skills immediately; you'll have unlimited follow-up email access with Irina for 30 days following the Webinar.

Irina believes that daily practice and following the correct syntax are the keys to success and productivity. So, the more you use her methods, the more accomplished you'll become.

Don't Get Left Behind
Online sourcing isn't just for researchers or hired-gun sourcers. EVERY RECRUITER needs these skills to be competitive in today's Internet-savvy war for talent.

If you want to take a more active role in sourcing—or you simply want to learn more about online sourcing and Google searching—I highly recommend that you attend this Webinar.

Irina Shamaeva, Grand Master Sourcer, is a partner with Brain Gain Recruiting in Palo Alto, California and is a leading Internet thought leader and instructor specializing in search engine and social network sourcing techniques for recruiters. Visit her Boolean Strings blog for links to webinars schedule, DVDs, articles and groups dedicated to Internet sourcing and recruiting.
Irina is recognized by her peers in the recruiting industry as a Grand Master Sourcer and is the winner of the first 2009 SourceCon Challenge [details].

“I have taken part in a number of Irina’s Webinar events. They have been absolutely outstanding—amongst the best training sessions that I have ever completed. She must be one of the leading professionals in her field in the world. Her ideas are extremely innovative and sometimes unique. She follows the training sessions with excellent after-training support, and seems to have a real interest in your development and your success in applying her techniques. I can highly recommend her work.” — Rob, May 2009


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